iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Both have excellent features. Some say the iPhone is “so much easier to use”. To be honest I don’t understand this. Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean basically works the same with finger swipe motions to change screens to access applications. I find Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean to be easier in terms of having the ability to customize your phone more so. For those not familiar with Android…

Google Play Capabilities

The iPhone has the App Store and Android has Google Play. To each his own. I initially began using an android tablet which introduced me to the android OS. My guess is that if you started out with an iPhone or iPad you would continue using that OS until you possible tried something you liked better. My wife likes the Macbook, iPhone etc, I know very little about MAC to be honest, but can quickly and easily figure it out when she needs help. She was going on a trip and just bought an iPhone and it was probably the 2nd time I used one and yes, it was easy, but any person with a brain can use their common sense to install apps. Again, to each his own.

She wanted the iPhone 5s but doesn’t have an upgrade on our plan with Verizon till August so I was able to pick up a second hand 4 which works just fine for her. The basic principle here is, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. If she wants an iphone, macbook, fine…..

I use the Samsung Galaxy Note II and absolutely love it. Is it too big? Absolutely not, i have descent size hands, it fits in my pocket and is convenient. There are many features I love about it, nothing I don’t like about it. It is light weight given its size, has excellent battery life and a ridiculous display and photo and video taking quality. Google Plus has made the Android experience much better in my opinion and possible the iPhone experience. I use it for blogging, social media, photo backup and sharing, etc. I made a video on Google Plus which you can find below.

The Bottom Line, “Happy Wife,  Happy Life”

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