2013 CTS-V Coupe Ridiculous Speed

Sick Speed on nice night


Do I really want to go to work in the morning?

Well…..did you ever ask yourself that? Do I really want to go to work tomorrow? I have just been working every day the past 5 days. But I say yes. And I can guarantee you that when I wake up in the morning or afternoon I will even furthermore agree that I am looking forward to going to work. Why?


Well…if I know i have to go to work, and that i will inevitable being going, why set myself up for failure by trying to convey to  my brain that i don’t want to go, but have to go. This tells the brain to act differently or negatively. This signals the brain to react to not wanting to do something that you know you have to do because you are on the schedule. You are confusing the damn brain and playing games.


The brain knows he/she has to be somewhere, why not just accept it, respond in a positive manner by saying, I cannot wait to go, tricking the brain and becoming over excited even though you may not be.


We thrive on positive thinking. It is positive thinking which drives our mind to take on more challenging tasks. Its curiosity under the direction of a positive mind which allows us to discover new things. If the contrary was present (a negative sense) of not wanting to go to work..our body would respond to our reduced stimuli and our body motion would tell people, “you don’t want to be here.”

 Try to show not only yourself and mind you want to be there, but also those around you. Get others thinking positive, raise their spirits and get them involved. Strengthen each part which makes up the group and ultimately the team.

Its a good day, only if you want it to be !!

Think about it….Think Deep About this.. When we wake up in the morning we can wake up to a who bunch of crap. We can wake up too early, too late. We can wake up to rain, snow, wind, a wintery mix or to sun, heat and a very nice sunny day. We have a few choices to make for the day and these decisions can carry through the rest of your day and affect how productive you will be and how your interactions will be. Do you want to be 1. Happy Today 2. Sad Today. Waking up and knowing that you want to have a good day shows that you are a positive thinking and no matter what stressors you are presented with, you will prevaile as you want to keep thinking in a positive direction to get you through the day. You will be faced with many stressors and they will include, family, friends, finances, personal issues, work, social, etc. But you already told yourself that you will think positive and don’t let the small stuff take you down. Take the small things with a great of salt. You have a vision and you are getting there.

BuImaget you may come across that one person at work or while communting who just wanted to have a miserable day and felt like making everyone else s day. How do you get buy this one?  Well sometimes they are unavoidable, but you can work with them. Continue the positive thinking, they may not like it, hey it may even rub off onto them. Carry yourself as you normally wood, do not be reactive but be proactive, don’t be alarmed, but let them have their day. You are not trying to change them, chances are you can’t. You have work to do and you are on a mission to get it done. Keep focused. Don’t bring in personal life to work that is hard to deal with at home, it will take over your life and you will be miserable. Stay focused and do what your job is to do. So you made the choice to be happy today….you were able to deal with typical stressors anybody has, you got done what you wanted to, but maybe you wanted to have more done. Here is another lesson for good results. Don’t set your expections too high. When you have high expectations for yourself in the  beginning it is like sprinting up a hill. Lets first be able to get up the hill and then we can work on sprinting. Lets take it slow at first, have a positive attitude to work with during the day, focus on our goals treat others well, despite them being miserable (we can’t change them) and try to reach your goals. Don’t ever set yourself for failure. Avoid setting goals that you haven’t seen, examined or practiced as of yet.

The best way to wake up in the morning though is to say, i have a job, i have to go to work, i might as well be happy. I am happy to be alive, happy to have loved ones, happy to be loved. Today will be a good day!!


Attacked by a cat must see

So, I wrote about in my blog that Cashmere was going to meet Bailey (my brothers cat). Bailey is a very quiet cat. She is playful and not aggressive towards other cats. Bailey and his owner took the 4 hour trip today to New England. Bailey hung out in the car without making a noise. I might add, Bailey is an indoor cat.
Today was the day. Cashmere was to meet another cat for the first time since my Black Cat Pepper past away from gastric lymphoma in March 2013.