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WTF!! My husband is a damn slob!

So i posted a blog posting last week about things I do wrong, they include:

10 Things I apparently do wrong or don’t do at all….
10 Things I apparently do wrong or don’t do at all and you should avoid….If I make a list of things they don’t do…that would be great.

1.       When you make rice cakes  with almond butter you leave the knife full of almond butter and leave it on the counter
2.       When you eat hummus you leave a spoon full of hummus which hardens on the counter without cleaning
3.       You don’t throw anything away and leave on counter
4.       You don’t lift the toilet seat and piss on it
5.       When you have bowel movement you don’t flush
6.       In the shower you squeeze the toothpaste or any tube like the hulk and crush instead of pushing up from bottom
7.       When you brush teeth you leave the toothpaste on the floor and it hardens and makes it difficult to get off ground
8.       You don’t make the bed
9.       You don’t put away the clothes
10.   You walk past the garbage and don’t take it out

My wife decided to make a video of my improvements and pitfalls