Kawasaki Ninja 300 for Kids?

Kawasaki Ninja 300 for Kids?


Thinkpad X240 4th Generation i7

The Next Thinkpad X240 4th Generation i7

My opinion is that Thinkpads are the elite of elite when it comes to business machines in terms of quality of build, software solutions and technical support. I have been buying and using Thinkpads since they came to market. I have used the I and 7 series early in college, followed by the T series (T40, T41p, T60) and then the W500 workstation with the 1080 screen resolution and massive screen and discrete graphics. I bought the W500 in 2008.  In fact that thinkpad is sitting next to my bed right now and gets good use. Although a heavier laptop from Thinkpad, it is meant to be used as a desktop replacement. That it is, a powerful machine and allows gaming, high end  video editing/design.

Left: Thinkpad X230  Right: W500
Then about 2 years ago I moved onto the Thinkpad x230 which runs quite well even with the resource demanding applications I am running. I do quite a bit of Video Editing and design with Pinncacle Studio 16 and photo editing, document design with Adobe Design &  Web Premium CS6. The x230 is a nice ultrabook and very versatile.  On the ThinkPad x230 I am running with an Intel Core i7-3520M @ 2.90GHz

Thinkpad X230


Battery (i get 24hrs with the 9cell, this does make heavier but nice long life)
Backlit keyboard and screen
Very Durable screen hinges
Intel Core i7-3520M @ 2.90GHz3 USB Ports, VGA Adapter, Ethernet slot, SD/Multi Card Slot
DVI output
Express Card Slot


Display Resolution 1366 x 768
Screen, Palmrest Bezel

The monitor bezel and palm rest bezel were poorly designed in the ThinkPad X230. This was a big shift from the W500 which was rugged and never bent, split or broke. I have actually had to have servicing to my Thinkpad X230 4 times for replacement of the Screen Bezel and Palm Bezel.

The form factor in the x240 appears to have improved and so has the design. I will be waiting till the release day to get my new Thinkpad X240.

The New X Series from Thinkpad

Ultrathin and Ultralight

The ThinkPad X240 is the thinnest and lightest ThinkPad laptop we offer. Weighing in at less than 3 lbs and measuring 20.3mm at its thickest point, the X240 is ultraportable — without sacrificing anything in terms of ports, connectivity, or durability.

Award-Winning Keyboard Further Enhanced for Windows 8

Full-sized and spill-resistant, the legendary ThinkPad ergonomic keyboard is renowned for its full array of keys, excellent feel, and TrackPoint® pointing device. And now it’s optimized for Windows 8 with convenient multimedia buttons, LED status indicators, Function-lock capability, and immediate access to view apps. Plus, a larger, smooth TrackPad with 5-point click integration — indicated by subtle bumps and stripes — can be configured multiple ways through Settings. Optional backlight makes working in dark environments effortless.

4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

4th generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver the performance to increase productivity for your business. Devices turn on in an instant and are always up-to-date. You can multitask quickly and move effortlessly between applications, collaborate wirelessly in a high quality videoconference — all with the convenience of longer battery life. Plus, you can guard against identity theft and ensure safe access to your network with built-in security features. In fact, the only thing more amazing than an Intel Core processor-based PC is what your users will do with it.

Intel® vPro Technology
Makes enterprise-level manageability even more convenient and cost-saving. Manage, protect, repair, or locate your deployed laptops from anywhere in the world.

HD/FHD Display With IPS Technology
In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD displays with high brightness. IPS technology allows for vivid colors and nearly 180-degree viewing angles.

Power Bridge Technology

Combining an internal battery with an external hot-swappable battery, Power Bridge provides flexibility and maximum battery life. Swap batteries without powering down your laptop, using an extra travel battery to increase your time between charges to 10 hours or more.

Ultradurable Construction & MIL-SPEC Tested

Innovative roll-cage technology adds extra strength and rigidity to the notebook shell and top cover (carbon fiber top with magnesium bottom for maximum strength without adding weight). Military-specification testing validates the ruggedness, durability, and quality of ThinkPad products by testing against eight parameters: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure (15,000 ft), low temperature, and dust.

NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) provides an easy, secure way to share data, link devices, pair with networks, and other tasks by lightly tapping two devices together.

VGA Port
Many customers still require a VGA port for projector connections in conference rooms, and native VGA means no dongles for them to buy/lose/replace.

Capacitive Touch Panel

A capacitive touch panel allows for impeccable response time to 10-finger touch. Actions trigger immediately, and the cursors follow your fingers around the screen without any perceptible lag or delays.

Fast Data Transfer

Move data between the X240 and other devices quickly with USB 3.0 — it’s up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies and backward-compatible with USB 2.0.

Lenovo Thinkpad X240 Ultrabook

My only Concerns with the New Lenovo Thinkpad X240  is the loss of the But the separated trackpad buttons. This will take a lot of getting used to but at least the trackpoint is still there.