Awesome 2 year old Trick or Treat

Awesome 2 year old Trick or Treat


Healthcare sites watch every move you make on ur computer

Healthcare Reform and Web Security
Be-careful when browsing
I recently went onto the Healthcare Exchange website for my
state and as I always typically do when I go to certain websites,  I want to know if there are any cookies.
Cookies are basically simple programs that follow your activity. I would
prevent cookies, but that may affect you from visiting and using certain
The same is true for Javascript which can be abused by poor
programmers. You will find that many people disable it is because there are
many bad developers and companies out there that abuse Javascript for
advertising, spam, and harassment. However, javascipt will be necessary for rmany sites you visit. I am not suggesting to be paranoid, but just to know that although you don’t see something, doesn’t mean every click you make, page you visit, page that led you to another page and  what you did all day on your computer isn’t being tracked and built up into a large database. It really IS
So I recently went to one HealthCare Exchage  page and looked at the source info
and found addthis, and is even more interesting stating in their code:  The page could not be loaded. The website currently does not fully support browsers with ‘JavaScript’ disabled. Please note that if you choose to continue without enabling ‘JavaScript’ certain functionality on this website may not be available. “
So Here you can see permissions and connection. You are able to permit or disallow anyone you want but then the site won’t work. This is because they want to learn your before, track where u are located and build a database of information up. You can see how many cookies were allowed 87. So i decided to take a look at these cookies.
I clicked on Show Cookies and site Data and i wasn’t surprised to find many many cookies that were quit intrusive. Addthis and Bizophracis are a big on.
The ATDMT tracking cookie installs itself onto your computer
without your knowledge, installing adware and spyware applications onto your
hard drive.
What is Bizographics?
Sites use Bizographics to track you. is a
domain used by Bizo which is an advertising company that is part of a network
of sites, cookies, and other technologies used to track you, what you do and
what you click on, as you go from site to site, surfing the Web. Over time,
sites like can
help make an online profile of you usually including the sites you visit, your
searches, purchases, and other behavior. Your profile can then be exchanged and
sold between various companies like as well as being sold to
other advertisers and marketers.
Right Click on the
browser and click on View Page Info
I immedatetely went to the website soon to find out this::: More healthcare reform websites trying to learn our every before on the net. Keep in mind this includes all sectors including the IRS.
I then get deeper into the government website and view this line of scrip:  The page could not be loaded. The website currently does not fully support browsers with ‘JavaScript’ disabled. Please note that if you choose to continue without enabling ‘JavaScript’ certain functionality on this website may not be available.
Basically, they require you to install javascript so they can watch you!
The JavaScript was likely planted on certain websites that the attacker wanted to see who came to visit. The script collected the hostname and MAC (Media Access Control) address of a person’s computer and sent it to a remote computer, the exact kind of data that Tor users hope to avoid revealing while surfing the Internet.

Thinkpad X240 to a Thinkpad T440s in 7 days

Thinkpad T440s i7 4600 Haswell

I am a Thinkpad User. I love the durability and excellent
customer service. I started with the I Series, then I believe a few different
of the Z60 series, T40, T41, T60p, W500, X230, X240 and now I have returned my
x240 before receiving it as a week later the T440s came out which features
pretty much everything I was looking for. An ultra book with Intel  i7 Haswell processor, HD 1080 from Thinkpad
and a Solid State Hard Drive. It is about time that they came out with a powerful
machine with an HD Multi-touch display. I will have to wait for it to come in.

As I configured
  • Intel Core i7-4600U Processor on Mother Board
  • Windows 8 Pro 64 English
  • T440s 14.0 FHD Multitouch WWAN
  • Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • 12G 4G Base + 8G (1 SoDIMM)
  • Keyboard Backlit – US English
  • Fingerprint Reader, dock
  • 720p HD Camera
  • 256 GB Solid State Drive, Serial ATA3 eDrive Capable
  • ThinkPad Battery 3 cell Li-Polymer (23.2Whr)
  • ThinkPad Battery 6 cell Li-Ion (72Whr) Cylindrical High
  • 45W AC Adapter – US (2pin)
  • TThinkPad Wireless 2 x 2 BGN with Bluetooth
  • Integrated Mobile Broadband upgradable
  • Publication – US English
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (North America) –
  • 1 Year Depot or Carry-in
  • 2YR Onsite + Accidental Damage Protection



Precision Keyboard Enhanced for Windows 8
Full-sized and spill-resistant, the legendary ThinkPad ergonomic
keyboard is renowned for its full array of keys, excellent feel, and
TrackPoint® pointing device. And now it’s optimized for Windows 8 with
convenient multimedia buttons, LED status indicators, Function-lock capability,
and immediate access to view apps. Plus, a larger, smooth trackpad with 5-point
click integration — indicated by subtle bumps and stripes — can be configured
multiple ways through Settings. Optional backlight makes working in dark
environments effortless.
Ultrathin and Ultralight
The ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook is the thinnest and lightest
ThinkPad T series laptop we offer. Starting at 3.5 lbs and with a less than
0.8″ profile at its thickest point, it’s easy to slide into any bag and
won’t weigh you down.
4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors
4th generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver the performance
to increase productivity for your business. Devices turn on in an instant and
are always up-to-date. You can multitask quickly and move effortlessly between
applications, collaborate wirelessly in a high quality videoconference — all
with the convenience of longer battery life. Plus, you can guard against
identity theft and ensure safe access to your network with built-in security features.
In fact, the only thing more amazing than an Intel Core processor-based PC is
what your users will do with it.
HD+/FHD Display with IPS Technology
In-Plane Switching (IPS) FHD or HD+ (1920 x 1080 resolution) LCD
displays with high brightness. IPS technology allows for vivid colors and
nearly 180-degree viewing angles. With optional multitouch you can enjoy the
smoothest navigation experience with impeccable response times
Ultradurable Construction & MIL-SPEC
Innovative roll-cage technology adds extra strength and rigidity
to the notebook shell and top cover (carbon fiber top with magnesium bottom for
maximum strength without adding weight). Military-specification testing
validates the ruggedness, durability, and quality of ThinkPad products by
testing against eight parameters: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high
temperature, temperature shock, low pressure (15,000 ft), low temperature, and
Power Bridge Battery
The standard configuration of T440s includes (2) 3-cell
batteries, one internal and one swappable. Power Bridge allows you to swap the
rear battery without powering down your system. This is much needed for long
flights or travelers who are away from power sources for an extended period of
VGA Port
A VGA port for projector connections in conference rooms is
still a business must-have, and a native VGA means no dongles to
Dolby® Speakers with Home Theater® v4
Increased audio clarity and maximized volume output without
distortion — enjoy a crisp, clear immersive surround sound experience over
built-in stereo speakers. All the power and nuance of the cinema, all the
immediacy of live performance, now from your ThinkPad.
Integrated 720p HD Webcam
Crystal clear video, face tracking and keystroke noise suppression
technology will help you web conference or chat like you’re really there. Dual
digital array microphones ensure a premium audio experience.
Fast Data Transfer
Move data between the T440s and other devices quickly with USB
3.0 — it’s up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies and
backward-compatible with USB 2.0.