Why Lenovo and ThinkPad

Why Lenovo and ThinkPad

Why Lenovo?

Now adays we see many people using dell, HP, Apple, but more and more people I am seeing using Lenovo and specically the ThinkPad Brand. I am often asked why I use the ThinkPad? ThinkPad to me is the ultimate business machine and far superior to its competition in durability and service. However, I will say the ThinkPad X240 is the first Model by Lenovo in which durability became an issue. I own the T41, T60 and W500. Prior to these I had the I series and multiple of the Z Series. But the X230 I felt wasn’t made as durable on the outside. I am specifically referring to the palm wrest and screen bezels. The plastic through normal use has cracked multiple times, however I can’t say for a moment that I am not happy with the support. They have gone back to a stronger bezel since with the X240 and T440’s.

I was frustrated at having to look at hairline cracks so I called Lenovo ThinkPad Brand on a Monday. They shipped me a box on Tuesday via overnight UPS, I placed my laptop in the box and brought it to the UPS center which took it to North Carolina. Then today (Thursday Morning) I receive my completely brand new outer shell which was also reviewed for quality and functionality. Multiple system tests were done, etc.

This is why I buy Lenovo Thinkpap. They are accountable and provide excellent, timely service. I now eagerly await the X240 arrival via UPS. Overall, i can strongy say that everythink is once again back to nomal.


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