Help Re-Purpose my Late Brothers Boat

My brother Michael Brennan was the last to live in the home my wife and I now call home. He and my first cousin were tragically killed one year ago. Michael left with the house many things which bring back fond memories when we see them. The Hobie Cat and Boat are just a few.  As I was working out on the yard today doing some planting of vegetables, and yard cleanup I thought to myself….I need to transform this beautiful yard into a tranquil outdoor living space. A space which celebrates all the things that my brother and I loved to do together.  Michael loved working outside on the boat and outdoors. I want to repurpose that boat in his memory.

Since I will not use the 20” Wellcraft V Hull anymore for its main purpose, I thought it would be an awesome idea to repurpose it. I suppose if the boat was a bit smaller it would be easier, but I am looking for ideas on how I can repurpose this boat my family and brother have so many good memories on. Please offer your suggestions. I have attached some photos of the boat.


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