20 Things my #wife can’t stand about me

20 Things my #wife can’t stand about me, but #loves me #top10lists #mommybloggers #socialmedia How to fix? #mariage http://ow.ly/U044f


Tonight I want to shout out Nancy, a fel

Tonight I want to shout out Nancy, a fellow Health Coach and teammate, who has had such amazing results on our program! I can totally relate….my afternoon energy levels had also been low even while eating healthy and what a difference this program has made for me personally. Thank you for sharing your story Nancy! Congrats on making that decision!!
Here is what Nancy shared about her journey: “Have you tried everything? Are you curious to know why or if this will work for you? As a Certified health coach, I know the healthy stuff to be eating AND I was practicing that, yet I was still over weight, and feeling like a fraud. ‪#‎SuperfoodNutritionalSystem‬ changed my life. Ridding myself of the toxins I have more energy, my skin looks younger and well, I was able to release a lot of fat! So happy to feel good in my body again. I was ready to hang up the towel, and thought this is what aging was all about, well I was wrong, and know better now. The time is now, summer is coming and you can feel the best you ever have! If I can do it so can you!” http://ow.ly/i/drJlj

Friends that cleanse together, stay toge

Friends that cleanse together, stay together!
Check out these two beauties!!!
They both said “ENOUGH!” and put the power of a nutritional program that delivers to the test. “This isn’t even us at our heaviest, but you get the idea. Great results happen when 2 people both release 40 pounds.”
Talk about accountability, support, RESULTS, and then you get to go on a much needed shopping trip for smaller clothes!!! Way to go girls!! http://ow.ly/i/drJ92

** Lifestyle Transformation ** Showing s

** Lifestyle Transformation **
Showing some love to the beautiful, Kim G. and her fab husband Oscar! It was about 2 years ago that Kim decided it was time for herself and her husband getting started on their nutritional cleansing program and clearly, they’ve been rocking it! More proof to the phrase, “The magic is in the maintenance!” That first picture was taken pre-program, as a high school Spanish teacher and living the 9-5 life… and the after picture was taken as a retired teacher and now entrepreneur, following her calling of owning a Zumba studio and as a network marketing professional! Amazing what’s transpired these last 2 years for you two beautiful souls! http://ow.ly/i/drJtZ