Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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Why I cleaned my car today……not just because it was nice out

Today was a very nice day. Sunny, 90 degrees. Not typical for a September day. Driving the V at 55 MPH. Anyway, I’m driving home from work and as I try to avoid some road kill (which smelled  like a skunk) all of a sudden this huge bird comes out of nowhere. It was a turkey vulture.

This Turkey Vulture scoops down to grab the road kill and then it went behind me with the contours of my vehicle. Both are now road kill.

My Anti-Depressant…if you can afford, get it

It is like a drug, when u drive it, u want to drive more and faster, you take it to work on specific days because u don’t feel great and “neeed a little pick me up”. My answer is not drugs or alcohol or food for that matter, it is getting into my 2013 CTS-V Coupe and enjoying the sun, breeze and sites on the way to work.

SuperCharged V8

SuperCharged V8