Our cat makes a strange noise with his toys

Our cat makes a strange noise with his toys. He was a rescue cat and is now 7. He only makes this sound with this toy


Is your cat as awesome as mine?

Do you know any Cats that Like Plastic More than their owners? Baylee is an awesome Long Hair Black cat which I inherited from my Brother Michael .  He is filled with Energy and is always looking to have some fun. He does have some incredibly sharp teeth and a love for Plastic. He loves credit cards, pens, plastic bags, plastic wrap around cases of water bottles. If we don’t stop him he will eat all the plastic! Take a look at the video though and see his amazingly sharp teeth.

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This cat is so damn smart! Tells me this food sucks!

My brother recently passed away and left me another one of his Cats. This one is Baylee and He is a Male. He goes crazy with his phangs showing showing who is boss. In this video segment he shows me something i have never seen. I gave him some food to eat and he takes his paw and drags it along the floor saying, “get this away from me”. I couldn’t believe what he did, it was hilarious and I never saw it before from him. Baylee has come a long way in just a short time. He is now a very friendly cat.