Wife Embarrasses Husband in Public, Must See Hilarious! If you Like, Please Share

Wife  Embarrasses Husband in Public on their Anniversary, Must See Hilarious! If you Like, Please Share


Why I cleaned my car today……not just because it was nice out

Today was a very nice day. Sunny, 90 degrees. Not typical for a September day. Driving the V at 55 MPH. Anyway, I’m driving home from work and as I try to avoid some road kill (which smelled  like a skunk) all of a sudden this huge bird comes out of nowhere. It was a turkey vulture.

This Turkey Vulture scoops down to grab the road kill and then it went behind me with the contours of my vehicle. Both are now road kill.

Sharks eat Seals, says 2 year old

Did you know why there are so many sharks in and around where seals are? this 2 year old can tell you. She saw seals 2 days ago and learned while watching shark week on Discover Channel that sharks feed on seals. You can also see where sharks are being tagged by going to this site. OCEARCH Global Tracking

Weather in the North East August 9, 2013

This is the current weather on 295 south in Rhode Island. It is windy, rainy and can be dangerous at times. Try staying away from the trucks as it is difficult to see with the water spraying off them. Be careful not to hydroplane with the flooding on the main roads and side roads. Rain should continue all day into the night with temperatures in low 70’s.